Global Success

Global Success

SEACRET Direct Worldwide

Our Founders have the vision to be a household name all over the world. With so many years of experience successfully operating multi-million dollar businesses on nearly every continent, our Founders have pioneered efforts to expand SEACRET across the globe and see their vision come true.

Now, SEACRET officially operates in the United States and its territories, Canada, and The Republic of Korea. In addition, we have expansion activity going on in Australia, The Dominican Republic, and Mexico. And we're not stopping there!

SEACRET Direct Worldwide

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SEACRET Direct Australia

SEACRET Direct Australia

Seacret Direct has now officially launched in Australia and the future is looking bright! With an ever increasing number of Agents and Preferred Customers on-board, Seacret Australia is proving itself to be one of the fastest growing relationship marketing companies in the country. To share this exciting opportunity with friends, family or colleagues please refer to the details below.

There are two ways to enroll:

  1. Complete and submit your SEACRET Agent application online at your Enroller's replicated website
  2. Mail or drop off your application at the office in Moorabbin

The minimum purchase requirement to register as a SEACRET Agent in Australia is the Registration and Launch Kit ($70 AUD). However, a SEACRET Agent is considered "Active" only if they have at least 35BV or 200TPV within 4 consecutive weeks.

There are three ways to order:

  1. Order online on your replicated website
  2. Call Customer Service at 1300 4 SEACRET (1300 473 227)
  3. Mail or drop off an order form to the office in Moorabbin

See a list of all available products at – make sure to choose the country of Australia.

Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard

Delivery: Most orders will arrive within 3-7 business days of the order placement date

Commissions, incentives and bonuses are remitted in Australian dollars and paid on a weekly basis, including Retail Commissions, Preferred Customer Commissions, Team Commissions, Leadership Match, Superstar Bonuses, Car and Lifestyle Bonuses. All Commissions earned by the pay-period deadline (Sunday 11:59pm PST) are paid the second Friday after the close of the period. The "Enroll 4 Pay No More" amounts are credited on a monthly basis.

Earnings are paid by direct deposit in Australian dollars. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for processing.

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