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Recover Concept

Does Your Skin have to Wrinkle with Age?

The answer might surprise you.
When we're young, our skin produces structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin, which provide skin with firmness and elasticity. As we age this production declines, and both collagen and elastin fibers become looser, thicker, and clumped.

How does this cause wrinkles?
The result is brittle and less elastic skin, leading to wrinkling. Once it starts, this wrinkle build-up becomes a self-perpetuating, accelerating process, as the skin continues to fold—and doesn't bounce back.

Does Your Skin have to Wrinkle with Age?

Restore Your Youthful Look

Restore Your Youthful Look

SEACRETs Recover works to break this vicious cycle. Recover actually unfolds the skin in the wrinkled area and keeps it that way for several hours daily. Over a period of several months, it triggers short and long-term skin restoration mechanisms, including:

  • Restoration of the normal supply of nutrients
  • Reduction of pressure on the capillary network
  • Dead skin cell removal
  • Deep cleansing
  • Enhancement of cellular respiration — letting the skin "breathe"

How Recover Improves Your Skin

Several processes take place simultaneously:

  • 1. Penetrated into epidermis dermis interface, water causes cell swelling with corresponding local mechanical stress relaxation.
  • 2. The networked matrix shrinks and flattens the skin, especially in the wrinkle area.
  • 3. Dead cells are mechanically detached and absorbed.
  • 4. Impurities accumulated in the skin layers (for example accumulated makeup particles) are "sucked out".
  • 5. Products of skin secretion, which usually cover the skin, are detached from the skin surface and absorbed as well.
  • 6. The outer Recover layer absorbs these "impurities" to be washed out with it at the end of the procedure, leaving only supportive Nano-matrix on the clear, vivid, and shining skin.

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