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Nail Care Collection

Nail Care Collection


Bring the power of professional nail care to your fingertips, and pamper your nails without the use of unnatural chemicals or harsh agents. This comprehensive set includes Body Lotion, Cuticle Oil, Nail File, and a Buffing Block.
Body Lotion – Beautiful nails look better on hydrated hands. This easily absorbed balm will hydrate and replenish your hands, leaving them looking soft and supple. .
Buffering Block – Three steps is all you need to soft, shapely nails. Remove rough edges, soften the tips, and finish by adding an undeniable shine to your nails. .
Cuticle Oil – Caring for cuticles shouldn’t hurt, and with this silky oil, will soon be a thing of the past. Apply daily to soften your cuticles and alleviate cracked edges in your skin. .
Nail File – Not all nail files are made equal, as is evidenced by our incredibly effective file. Banish clippers altogether and make shaping your nails a simple, even fun, part of your daily routine.

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