ENERGY - Clean Organic Fuel - ENERGY - Clean Organic Fuel

ENERGY - Clean Organic Fuel


20 individual packets 8.05 g each (161 g / 5.68 oz)

ENERGY is a USDA-certified organic energy blend provided in a convenient, easy-to-carry single-serve sachet.

This product is packed with functional plant-based ingredients including adaptogenic herbs, superfoods, and other nutrients known to support natural energy production while also providing antioxidant benefits.

Each sachet contains ~120mg of naturally occurring, plant-derived, organic caffeine from green coffee beans, matcha green tea, and yerba mate to give you that boost of energy when you need it the most.

Energy is expertly balanced with the wellness supporting* antioxidant power of goji berry, acai berry, maca root, moringa leaf, monk fruit extract, ginseng root, and cordyceps.

Feel the energy each and every day with our great tasting, no added sugar, Energy. Drink up and enjoy!

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