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The Science Behind Recover

New technologies and scientific breakthroughs have long been touted to fight wrinkles — lasers, advanced biochemistry, Botox and collagen injections, skin rejuvenating compounds, optical light diffusers, fillers, and many more.

But true, long-lasting wrinkle-reduction has been elusive. Until now. Finally, one of the most significant scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century provides real promise: Microstructure Technology. SEACRET's Recover line of Masques rely on patented, clinically-proven silica microstructures to immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and, over the longer term, slow down the skin aging clock.

The Science Behind Recover

Reversing the Skin Aging Cycle

When you apply the Recover Masque, the silica microstructures bind together like little magnets to create an invisible net, which attaches to your skin like a second skin, into even the deepest wrinkles.

As the particles attach to the skin and also to each other, and as the Masque dries, the net starts to shrink and straighten and lift, pulling the wrinkle up along with it. The results are immediate!

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Long Term Benefits

The long term effects of the Recover Masques are even more incredible. The Recover microstructures net lifts the wrinkles, allowing a healthy blood supply to once again flow to your skin's cells. That blood supply brings more oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin cells, stimulating the creation of collagen, and slowing the aging process.

Every application of the Recover Masque will flatten the skin even more, improving its blood supply, bringing more nutrition to the cells, and further reducing the signs of aging.

The silica microstructures net formed by the Masque also acts as a "reservoir" for other serums and creams applied to the skin. The net manages the delivery of the serum and cream to wherever they're needed — maximizing the effectiveness of your other skincare products, and the health (and beauty) of your skin.

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Long Term Benefits