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The Science Behind Recover

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The Science Behind Recover

In the long battle against wrinkles, there have always been an array of options to choose from, from Botox and other injections, to laser resurfacing and physical fillers. But wrinkle reduction without going under the knife has proven to be an elusive prospect.

Our Recover technology seeks to provide a lasting solution that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, without the use of painful procedures or unnatural chemicals. Our commitment to true results led us to an exciting scientific discovery: nano-technology. Our Recover Masque uses a patented, clinically-proved formula that delivers silica microstructures to wrinkles, which have been show to immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Reversing the Signs of Aging

When you apply the Recover Masque, the formula penetrates into wrinkles where the silica microstructures then bind together to create a net which attaches to the skin at the deepest parts of your wrinkles

As the structures attach to your skin and each other, the net begins to shrink, straighten out, and lift, pulling the wrinkle up along with it.

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Long Term Benefits

Long Term Benefits

While the short-term effects are pretty stunning, the long term effects are even more incredible. As the silica microstructure net lifts wrinkles, it also alleviates pressure on the face’s capillary network, allowing a healthy blood supply to once again flow to your skin’s cells. That blood supply allows for more oxygen and vital nutrients to travel to the skin cells, stimulating the creation of collagen and diminishing the appearance of aging.

Every application of the Recover Masque will repeat this process, leading to improved blood flow over time, lessening the signs of aging over time.

The silica microstructure net formed by the Recover Masque also acts as a “reservoir” for other serums and creams applied to the skin. The net manages the delivery of the serum and cream to wherever they’re needed, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of your other skincare products.

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