Our Story


Sharing Seacret

The benefits of the Dead Sea have been an essential part of the Ben Shabat family’s wellbeing for generations. When they arrived in the USA, they knew they had to introduce their Dead Sea Seacret to America and ultimately the world. In 2001, they opened a Dead Sea premium skin care retail business and successfully grew to over 900 locations. Then, 2011 changed everything when they were introduced to Social Marketing. It was clear that social marketing was a better way to share the benefits of the Dead Sea. Seacret Direct launched with a simple plan that offered the opportunity for others to start a business simply by sharing their Seacret product experience—and it works. Seacret products have such impressive results, customers can't wait to take them home.

Life By Seacret

The opportunity to share products that help people achieve healthy looking skin was just the beginning. Great skin is a window into our well-being. The Ben Shabat family are dedicated to providing an inside-out nutrition solution that supports you in being healthy and looking and feeling your best. In 2017, Seacret’s search for the ultimate health and nutrition products was achieved and surpassed with the introduction of Dr. Howard Cohn. Dr. Cohn has dedicated his life to his patient’s health. His philosophy and protocols are recognized for providing optimum, plant-based, organic nutrition and include a unique molecular hydrogen product that produces results as impressive as Seacret’s skin care products. “Life by Seacret” was launched in 2018. Seacret has become more than products, it’s a lifestyle movement that connects and supports like-minded people.

The Seacret Community

Seacret is trusted for their commitment to healthy, high-quality, clean ingredients and the highest standards of product manufacturing and service. However, the quality of Seacret’s products is not what CEO Izhak Ben Shabat and his family consider Seacret’s most significant achievement. It’s their community of wonderful Agents who share their commitment to being of service, integrity, and positivity. The Seacret community is special; they are supportive and caring of each other and strive to make life better for themselves and others as we grow around the world.

We invite you to experience our Life by Seacret community for yourself as an Influencer, Customer, or Agent. It’s a community that will inspire you to look, feel and live your best life.