The Dead Sea
Jason A. Elliot, MS, PA-C


At the border of Israel and Jordan, at the lowest point on earth (1388 feet below sea level), there is an exquisite and therapeutic wonder. Breathtaking crystalline salt shores. Dense mineral-rich mud. Brilliant clear blue waters.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea’s unique composition of natural minerals is produced from the dissolving surface salt created in the lake’s gradual water evaporation process. The compound is then refined by the sun, which neutralizes the sodium chloride in the salt and leaves only the mineral-rich compound in the evaporation pool. The final compound results in a total of 26 minerals, 12 of which do not exist in any other body of water, making this one of the richest sources of naturally occurring minerals in the world.

The Dead Sea is located in the middle of the Judean desert. Although the climate is dry, massive evaporation by the energy of the sun creates a constant mist that hovers some 200-300m above the sea, naturally filtering UV and other harmful radiation. This phenomenal location provides heliotherapy (sunlight exposure) as well as thalassotherapy therapy (immersion in water of springs of the Dead Sea).

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The SEACRET to vitality.

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